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10 Years on…

Having run a tech PR agency for nearly a decade now – I’ve seen the cycle of boom and bust.

In that time, my fundamental view of the PR industry hasn’t changed. My basic principles running Cobalt Blue still hold true today as they were 10 years ago.

Working for a leading London-based PR consultancy, I watched staff change every 18 months or so. If people are our only commodity in PR, then why are we so bad at looking after them?

This has been my fundamental creed in founding Cobalt Blue. I wanted to get away from the constant churn of staff, the downwards blame mentality and long-work hours.

At Cobalt, we have experienced staff. Many members of the team work flexible hours that meet the way they want to work. We don’t ask our staff to sit at their desks ‘til late every night – presentism isn’t in our corporate culture.

Richard Vaux – Director

Richard Vaux has worked in consultancy public relations for nearly 20 years. He worked initially at Edelman in the mid-1980s and returned to the leading international PR consultancy a decade later, at the start of the IT boom. At Edelman, he worked in the Technology Division for a number of major companies, such as Xerox, NCR, Thomson and Texas Instruments.

Richard Vaux founded Cobalt Blue in 1997 to build upon the strategic approach learnt at leading PR Consultancies, but without the large overheads. He based Cobalt Blue in Farnham, in the heartland of the Thames Silicon Valley. Having overseen growth at Cobalt Blue for nearly a decade, he still focuses upon the agency’s core principle – ‘PR with sanity’.

He lives in Farnham and is married with three children.



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